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The taal, manjira, jalra or gini is a pair of clash cymbals, which make high-pitched percussion sounds. In its simplest form, it consists of a pair of small hand cymbals. The word taal comes from the Sanskrit word Tala literally means a clap. It is a part of Indian music and culture, used in various traditional customs e.g. Bihu music, Harinaam etc. In Hindu religious contexts it is known as karatalas, pronounced “karataala”, (literally beat-tala maker-kara), typically used to accompany devotional music such as bhajan and kirtan. They are commonly used by Hare Krishna devotees when performing harinam, but are ubiquitous to all Hindu devotional music. The clash cymbal, taal is made of bell metals i.e. bronze, brass, copper, zinc etc. Each cymbal is connected with a cord which passes through hole in its center. The pitch of different types of taal vary according to their size, weight and the materials used. A player can also adjust the timbre by varying the point of contact while playing. Manjiras are usually made of bronze, brass, copper, or zinc. The name manjira or khartal can also refer to a similar instrument made of a wooden frame with rows of cymbals inside.

Made of high quality brass,
Product Specifications: Weight 255 gms, Diameter of each cymbal 8.0 cms, Depth 3.0 cms, Pure Brass
Attached with coloured cotton thread, bandhanvar cord. Handcrafted in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Size Disclaimer:- The image shown in the site virtually appears to be bigger than what it actually is. Please refer to the actual size and weight specifications as given for correct assessment.

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