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veggie wash liquidveggie wash liquid

vegetable wash liquidvegetable wash liquid

vegetable and fruits washvegetable and fruits wash

toys cleaning liquidtoys cleaning liquid

baby toys wash cleaning liquidbaby toys wash cleaning liquid

vegetable wash liquidvegetable wash liquid

10 Plant Based Iingredients For Multi-Action Cleaning: The liquid consists of Neem, Amla, Tulsi, Ritha, Gulab, Vinegar, Manjuphal, Suhaga & Lemon for a natural & safe wash. It’s free of harmful preservatives, soap, detergent, alcohol & chlorine
Why Fruits & Veggies Need Multi-Action Cleaning: Only water, Salt, Vinegar or Turmeric is not sufficient to remove germs, pesticides, waxes, while soaps are too harsh for the surface of vegetables & fruits
Preserves Freshness & Retains Nutritional Value: It preserves fruits & vegetable freshness for a longer time & retains the nutritional value as it does not contain any harmful preservatives, chemicals, soap, detergents, alcohol, chlorine and residue
How To Use: Soak the desired vegetables, fruits or toys in a 1 Litre water container. Add 3 tablespoons of Naturyz Cleaning Liquid, Leave it for 5 min. Rinse the fruits & vegetables thoroughly under running water

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