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Product Description

Step 1

Use glasses cloth or paper towels to clean the laptop/mobile camera area.

Step 2

Tear off the adhesive on the back of the Webcam Cover Slide (please take care to avoid dust)

Step 3

Aim at the camera area and place the Webcam Cover on the device (press and hold the Webcam Cover for 2-3 seconds with your fingers to ensure it is firm)

Step 4

Swipe left and right to open or close the Webcam Cover after installation

Prevent information leakage

Enjoy life while preventing hackers from intruding, preventing hackers from maliciously stealing programs, preventing information leakage

Why should the camera cover the cover?

The anti-peep cover of the camera is to prevent hackers from intruding in recent years, facing the malicious data theft program of network hackers and the lack of self-prevention awareness. Our personal lives are constantly being violated by the outside world.Hackers use attachments containing malware to attack webcams. If the user opens the attachment, the hackers can remotely control the victim’s computer, including the webcam. The specific manifestations of being attacked are more often in the form of screen hijacking.

Starry sky style

Our camera privacy cover is different from others. The starry sky pattern is used on the surface, which not only prevents hackers from prying, but is also a good-looking accessory on laptops or mobile phones.8 different styles of starry sky patterns, choose the style according to your mood, and paste the starry sky on your phone.

Glide smoothly

Our camera privacy cover is not only thin and light, it slides smoothly when pasted on the camera without any obstacles.

Prevent information leakage

Why should the camera cover the cover?

Starry sky style

Glide smoothly

【 PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY】Webcam cover slide efficiently protects your online privacy and prevents unwanted hacking attacks.Unique design allows you to easily enjoy safe digital life.
【ULTRA THIN DESIGN】Webcam Cover slide 0.023in Ultra-thin & small,Will not change the way the laptop is closed.Don’t worry about scratching your laptop, mobile phone.
【MOVABLE SLIDER】Camera cover slide is super easy to slide open and close for when you want to take selfies or photos or video chats.It also protects your webcam from dirt and dust.
【EASY-TO-USE】 Camera Cover Slide 8 pieces in total, is extremely easy to install. You just need to remove the back sticker to expose the adhesive layer and attach it to your device. Also, the adhesive can be easily applied and removed from the device Without any traces.
【WIDELY USED】Webcam cover is compatible with most smartphones, MacBook, MacBook Pro, laptops, tablets and all-in-one desktops.

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