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“Give me 4 hours and I’ll show you how to attract a new car – or anything else you can imagine – using my 5-step easy system… I’ve attracted 7 new cars – so far – and now I’m teaching others how to manifest them… Want to be next?” Disclosures
– Dr. Joe Vitale, author of way too many books to list here, including the #1 bestseller, The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) from the Inside Out

This beautiful blue Bentley is a sight driving around the Texas Hill Country!

2013 Bentley Continental GT LeMans- One of only 48 made

Dr. Joe with 3 Panoz race cars he attracted (one owned by actor Patrick Dempsey!)

Dr Joe with his 1955 Mercedes SL300 Gullwing (a replica of a legendary car)

…and his all electric Fisker Karma

…handmade super car from Holland

with the hydrogen hybrid Scorpion super car

— a 1976 Jaguar XJS 12V formerly owned by Hercules (movie star Steve Reeves)

Joe also attracted this 1989 Porsche 924 S4 souped up with nitrogen and 475hp and formerly owned by NFL football superstar Bruce Collie. (Dr. Joe gave this car to Bruce Collie as a gift – entirely free!)

Dr. Joe also attracted actor Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy)’s custom-made 2002 Panoz  Esperante named Tallulah

Dr. Joe Vitale with Francine – a 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM (a rare exotic luxury sports car)

Dr. Joe now owns Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)’s rare 1998 Panoz AIV Roadster

Joe’s 1972 award-winning Corvette Stingray. (Dr. joe later gave this car to one of his Miracles Coaches – entirely free!)

Good question.  Here’s why…

First, a new car is something almost everyone wants.  And since my mission is to introduce these principles to as many people as possible, teaching people how to attract a new car is the perfect way to do this.

And second, unlike subjective goals like wealth or happiness, a new car is tangible – it is easy to tell if you have manifested one or not.  I am so convinced these steps work, I want you to try them out on a goal that leaves no room for doubt.

So, are you ready for a new car — or something else?

From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale
13 April 2017

Would you like a brand new car?

Would you like it despite your credit, your work status, or the amount of money in your bank?

Would you like to almost magically manifest it?

Last May nearly 1,000 people called from all over the world to listen to an unusual four-part teleseminar series I hosted on How to Attract a New Car.

They got up at 2 AM in Germany and Switzerland. They were on the call at noon in New Zealand and Australia. They called from all over the US and Canada. They made time to hear these four one-hour calls, no matter where they were or what they had to do…

Here are just some of the results so far…

Kevin Coyne attracted a new SUV.

Allen D’Angelo attracted a new Mercedes.

Bill Hibbler attracted 5 cars (and a wife) using my method.
Here he is in his latest baby — a BMW Z3 — and he loves it!

David Perdew attracted a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

F. Edward Fitchett attracted a Sea Ray 1900 Sportboat.

Pat O’Bryan attracted a brand new Scion – after taking a week to process his limiting beliefs and true terror about buying any sort of new car — and he wasn’t even on the calls but only heard about the essence of them through me! (That’s him, below. He described his new wheels as being like “Batman’s golf cart.”)

Guests on the calls explained how they attracted everything from a race-car Dodge Viper to a nifty cool Volkswagen to a new Jeep to a new Mercedes – often when they had no money, no credit, and no logical chance of ever getting into even a used car.

And on top of that, the car was made for me in Germany.

That’s right. I ordered the car to be built to my specifications.

You have to remember that I was the guy who was homeless at one point, who lived in virtual poverty for years. Today I’m ordering one of the greatest auto manufacturers in the history of the world to build a car for me – a car worth more than many people’s homes!!!

How can everyday average people like you and me actually attract new cars?

How can someone with no credit and no cash drive off with a brand new car?

How can someone terrified of cars and car sales people get over it in just days?

How can I go from poverty to ordering BMW to build a new car for me?

How is all this possible?

Basically, the answer is in correctly using the 5 step system introduced in my book The Attractor Factor – the very book that knocked Harry Potter off the #1 bestseller spot – twice — in April, 2005.

When you correctly use the 5 steps, and ignore the voice of doubt in your head, you can create miracles.

I know it seems impossible to believe, but it’s true.

As I mentioned earlier, last May I hosted a series of four teleseminars to help people fully understand and use my 5 step system to attract a new car.

Some listened to learn how to attract other things, like a house or wealth, because the principles are the same. Still, the focus of the calls was on how to attract a new car. Listeners said:

“Only 4 days after the 4th session… my wife & I attracted our Dream Boat into our lives: A 2001 Sea Ray 1900 Sportboat with 4.3L V6 Mercruiser! And the best part about this is: 1) we got 50% use of this boat for FREE (I have a pier and lakefront property on the Lake of Geneva, Switzerland) in exchange for the use of my pier and…  2) we dreamed of this boat for the past 4 years when we vacationed with my sister and her husband in Charlotte, NC and went skiing and wakeboarding in their identical boat ! Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list for future seminars.”

To your belief and success,

— F. Edward Fitchett,
INVC Resources, CH-1273 Switzerland

“I know it’s hard for some people to understand, but this method simply WORKS!

I rented a car similar to what I wanted to attract for a business trip. It was the right car, but was a 4-cylinder, the wrong color, the wrong transmission, and wrong interior. When I set out to attract my car, I specified, “V-6, 5-speed, Black, Leather Interior, Spyder GTS”.

A week later, a co-worker came to me and said, “Hey, one of my clients has a car for sale like the one you rented… except it’s black, V-6, 5-speed, and leather. You know him, you help him with his advertising all the time.”

I was stunned. It was less than a week later! That afternoon, she came by my desk again and said, “I talked to the guy with the car. He’s thrilled that he can finally give something back for all your help over the years. He says you can have it for HALF the book value, and he’ll finance it for you. HERE’S THE KEYS, IT’S OUTSIDE!!!”

At that time, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it at value, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to get financing. It was TRULY amazing!

Thanks Joe, for everything!

— Nathan Anderson, SEO Club Founder

“Thank you for a wonderful teleseminar series!  Every call was so inspiring and practical.  Tonight’s call was particularly good.  In fact, I think it was the best of the series!  Wendi’s stories were so thoroughly to the point.  The fears that I have had – AND BEEN MANAGING – were dealt with in such a pragmatic and straightforward manner.  Thank you for gathering the people you have gathered and for all of the free extras and bonuses! You have done a magnificent job.

I wish you continued and stellar success.”

— Richard Rossner,

“These calls were truly inspiring.  They brought “The Attractor Factor” book to life.  These principles are not difficult, but listening to the people who have actually achieved their dreams, was priceless!

Anyone who has any doubts as to the sincerity of what you do, needs to put those doubts aside & open their hearts & mind to the wonderful abundant life that is waiting for them.

Thank you for everything!”

— Barbara, Weatherford, Tx

“I was on two of the “attract a new car” calls. After reading your book The Attractor Factor, I was curious to find out more about the subject but I didn’t want to attract a new car.

What it did do for me was to open my eyes and mind to the possibilities of what a “thought” can generate and how powerful thought is.

Your guests were very enlightening especially Wendi Friesen and Randy Gage. I’m a real estate broker and I need all the help I can get.

— Jim Body,

“You’re not only a genius, you’re a generous genius! Thank you so much for the calls. The effort was apparent; you had to spend some time putting them together with the amount of quality information and amazingly interesting people that were on these calls.

Thank you thank you thank you. My husband and I missed but one call, and you and your guests would literally take us to a new level of energy and understanding after each call! I just got off the phone with a friend who had been complaining about her life. She asked me if there was info that could be helpful to her. Of course who would say it better then you?

I am buying yet another one of your books and mailing it to her. I have been practicing ‘Nevillizing’ with passion, things started happening instantly!”

— Anya Lincoln,

“Unfortunately I could not make the first call, but fortunately I have been on calls 2 and 3, and although it was 2am in the morning (I am from Germany) is was well worth the sleepless nights. As a car was not on my high priority list – although I will get me one later (a blue Porsche Boxster S with sandbeige leather interior) I focused on a long term financial issue.

A few days after this process was finished and repeated a few times, I had talks with my bank and a very grave situation now seems reversing by 180 degrees.

Thank you Joe for your continued commitment and for being an example of what really can be achieved!”

“Here’s why Joe Vitale is #1!  He cared enough about his readers to take them by the hand and personally lead them to accomplish a specific goal… with amazing results.

If you’re serious about getting a new car — of your choice — you need to hear and apply the material covered in these calls!  Period.”

You have my permission to use this testimonial in any way Joe see’s fit and to edit it if need be.”

— Daniel Hall, Living Waters Wellness Center, and

“As an independent consultant, I go through short periods of unemployment. As this series of calls was beginning, my consulting contract was ending. I expected to be “unemployed” for the summer. And my wife and I were dying to get new Harleys. Although we are passionate about motorcycle riding, we’ve have been without Harleys for three years.

I decided to use the “How to Attract a New Car Calls” and The Attractor Factor principles to attract bikes and money.

During the second week, a former client approached me with a year-long contract with a potential payout three times greater than any previous contract. And the motorcycles? We’ll pick them up next week.

— David Perdew,

Hi Joe, My Name is Mary Gil. I purchased you audio for attracting a new vehicle like 3 days ago. Well, today I purchased a Jaguar. I listened to audio set over and over.

I went to test drive it and spoke to my husband about buying it but he would not agree until late last night. I am in shock. I have been after him to buy me a Jaguar for about 10 years.

Thanks so much for your teaching they have really helped alot. Oh and by the way we also purchased a home 6 months ago after purchasing the secret and the attractor factor. My husband doesn’t really agree or believe in this but I I am now working on my next house. I have my vision board…. Thanks again.

In fact, I’m not sure there are any limits to what you can attract.

After all, isn’t anything possible?

For example, read this jaw-dropping true story…

This morning I got a call from Child Support. I figured it was to ask the usual question: “Have you heard from your ex-husband?”

When she asked to get my current husband and sit down – I started shaking, unaware of what was happening. After all, she had been trying to call me for two weeks and I had not returned the calls (why bother?).

“Are you sure you are sitting? Is your husband with you?”

“Oh God, what’s happened?” I thought, my hands shaking…

Enough said – the steps work…and this is only one of the stories I could tell since I have been working with The Attractor Factor. One hour ago, the world changed.”

— Anita Law

All you need to know is how to correctly use the steps.

What will you attract when you learn this system?

All of the calls were recorded and then transcribed. I put them online for your easy access.

You can listen to them online, playing them right over your speakers, or you can download them to listen in your car, while working-out, or anything else. It’s entirely up to you.

Or you can read the transcripts at your leisure. They are all PDF e-books, which you can read on virtually any computer.

For far less than the price of a single car payment, you can access all of the calls, all of the transcripts to the calls, as well as some surprise bonus gifts.

But more about that in a moment…

Here’s an overview of what
you’ll get when you order today:

Here are a few of the exciting highlights you’ll hear in the teleseminar series:

Lesson #1: Two mystery guests begin the calls by explaining how they attracted new cars. (Both Mercedes). You then get to listen as an energy expert teaches you a way to release the blocks to your attracting a new car. You can do this “block releasing” method right at home, while listening to the call. It works, too – almost by magic. This call is high energy, practical, psychological, and very inspiring.

Lesson #2: This call begins with yet another guest explaining how he attracted a new car. He also tells how he managed to attract tickets to sold-out shows. Then a well known manifestation expert explains the physics of manifestation and the law of vibration. This is easy to follow and implement. You’ll find the call upbeat, fast, and fun. You’ll learn how to attract “wealth beyond reason.”

Lesson #3: It begins with two authors explaining how to get rich with a three step formula for attracting a new car (or anything else). You then get to again experience an energy releasing technique — you can do it at home as you listen – designed to free you of fears, limits, and self-defeating beliefs. This is a very freeing call. (This is the call that shifted me so I was able to order a BMW made for me in Germany.)

Lesson #4: This final call was phenomenal. This is where I explained how I was able to attract a brand new BMW luxury sports car. But that was only the warm-up to this hot call. One of the world’s most successful hypnotic women explains how she attracted her new car, and reveals ways to get the universe to bring you what you want. (You won’t believe the power of a yellow stickie note!) Her stories are inspiring and instructive. She is followed by a famous “prosperity messiah” who reveals how the culture has programmed you to stay poor and unhappy. I end the call by reviewing the steps in The Attractor Factor and urging you to “Dare Something Worthy.”

Obviously, those brief descriptions don’t give you a complete sense of the power in these calls. But you get the idea.

I know at this point you’re probably getting excited about learning my system, but let me turn on the after-burners and throw this into high gear…

This system isn’t about getting a new car.

Oh, you can get a new car. That’s for sure. But this system isn’t about getting a new car. Not at its core.

Instead, this system is…

About learning to live your life from power and responsibility.

About learning to attract anything you can imagine.

About learning how to consciously create circumstances.

You see, the system is designed to help you get past your own limitations. Right now getting a new car almost by magic may seem impossible to you. Well, it only seems that way because of your current belief system.

In other words, this system is all about helping you release your mental limits so you can have, do, or be virtually anything you want.

Attracting a new car is simply a type of human potential exercise. It’s a way to stretch your mind. It’s a way to show you the portal to your own inner power.

This system was created to help you get in touch with the core of who you are.

And that core isn’t your name.

It’s bigger than you. Or me.

“Your calls on how to attract a car intrigued my wife Vicki and I, not because we really wanted a car, but because we desire to be able to attract all of our desires and we knew it would be great training.  We were right.

Vicki has desired to have an internet business so she can stay home with our daughter and develop a significant income.  She was frustrated with all of the details of internet technology and knew she needed a coach.  She put out to the universe her desire for a coach or mentor.  You then offered your Mentoring Program and she applied along with thousands of others. She was accepted into the program and now looks forward to fulfilling another dream. This is how life was designed to be lived.  Good or bad, we are the authors. Thank you Joe.  We will continue to spread this message to everyone we can.”

Can you imagine how powerful they must feel?

Can you imagine how they must feel like anything is possible?

Can you imagine what you might be able to accomplish with this same power?

You also get some priceless surprise bonuses:

2. You’ll also get to hear a rare audio of the deceased mystic who taught people how to “Nevillize” their goal. Neville Goddard was a genius at explaining the laws of the universe. You’ll hear his actual voice from one of his live talks from 1960. Note: The sound quality is low but you’ll understand him.

4. You’ll get to hear “Cup of Joe,” an intimate question and answer session with me, where people asked me personal and professional questions about marketing, the Internet, my huge weight loss, The Attractor Factor, and more. I revealed things here I never told anyone in public before, ever. I also explain “Karmic Surgery” (yagnas) for the first time anywhere. I also explain the problem with traditional manifesting methods, etc. This is a collectible audio experience you’ll truly love.

5. You’ll also get to hear a members-only audio interview with me where I reveal my early history, what I do to stay passionate, and how to achieve effort-free living. This audio is for members only of a London based group of high-achievers, but it’s yours when you invest in my system today.

6. You’ll also get to hear a recent private audio interview with me where I coached some people to go for their dreams. I also explain why Freud was wrong, and much more.

7. You’ll get several surprise extra bonuses, as well. These include a Special Report on How to Buy a New Car. You’ll find all these, and more, as you read the transcripts or listen to the audios of the calls on How to Attract a New Car.

So, are you ready to attract the car of your dreams?

Are you ready to start manifesting more of the good life?

Are you ready to attract health, wealth, happiness – or anything else you can imagine?

If not, what’s stopping you?

Truth is, the only thing stopping you is your own doubt.

Admit it. You’re asking yourself things like…

Will this system really work?

Will this system really work for me?

All good questions, of course.

But it’s that very voice of doubt that is keeping you from moving forward.

I know it’s tough to swallow, but doubt is the reason most people don’t take action, and consequently why most people stay stuck.

Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed or your money back.

If you’re not happy any time within 8 weeks from your purchase, let me know and you can have your money refunded – all of it – no questions asked.

So here’s the real question:

Are you ready to take action, or are you still letting doubt stop you?

As you’ll hear in the teleseminars, doubt is often self-sabotage at work.

Are you going to control it, or let it control you?

But let’s see if I can help you even more…

But you must order right now.

Remember, this is the Internet. I can come back and change this website and this special low price for this system any day, in only minutes.

Besides, the sooner you learn this system, the sooner you can begin attracting whatever you choose – whether a new car, more money, better health, sex, romance, happiness, or anything else you can imagine.

Dr. Joe Vitale
President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
Author of way too many books to list here,
Including the #1 bestseller, The Attractor

PPS – Want more proof that this system works? Read the below true stories…

So I waited. By Wednesday, I had almost run out of groceries, and I became ill with what I thought was food poisoning. I couldn’t have done anythng if I’d wanted. I was sick the next day, too. Now as I look back on it, I think I worried myself sick.

As I lay there, I thought about what I tell my coaching clients: that all negative energy is just repressed energy that is wanting to come out and serve us in a positive way.

So instead of lie in pain as I had done the day before, I visulaized and tapped (EFT) almost all day.

As per your 5-step process, I thought about what I didn’t want, I tapped away anything blocking the new, and kept running the image of my new Toyota pickup truck. I could see it driving right up to park right behind my old car. It was white; it found me and came to me, and it was ridiculously easy to get. Eventually I fell asleep and let the whole thing go.

I was outside when I saw him drive up right behind my car in this white, Honda car. OK, it isn’t a Toyota, it’s a Honda. And it’s a sedan, not a truck. I trust the universe to give me just what I need. The next part – the ridiculous the ridiculous ease of getting it – was priceless.

As we were discussing the exchange, he suggested that instead of me paying the full amount he’d asked for, I pay 800 next week, and he’d take one of my paintings as collateral. I said OK.

I said “Fine!” We signed the papers and off he went.

That’s two cars for a painting each in almost exactly 2 years, and all I paid was the registration – and actually got paid a little, since there was change in the ashtray!

Thanks for your calls – they were great fun.”

“I attended all 4 weekly calls on How to Attract a New Car, but I’m afraid I wasted the first 3 weeks. I simply could not think of something specific that I wanted or needed.

I’ve already had my dream car (twice), I’ve traveled a lot, and although I’m broke right now and could use TONS of money, that’s not specific. Then I read about Dr. Joe’s “catarium” he was building. I’m still waiting for information on what that might look like, but I still managed to find a way to focus on that.

This morning I got a phone call. A realtor called to ask if my animal shelter could use some help. (I’ve been rescuing abandoned, abused and neglected pets – mostly cats – for 3 years now and it has consumed all my time and finances.) Of course, I said, “YES!”

An old woman died this past week and left her entire estate to an animal sanctuary. Her lawyer called the sanctuary to let them know of her wishes, but they said, “Don’t you have an animal welfare group there?”

To honor her wishes, her real property will be sold and proceeds sent to the sanctuary. But all the property INside the house will be auctioned and paid to MY shelter!

Yes, Dr. Joe, this really works! Thank you!”

I am a subscriber to your newsletters.  Most recently I was inspired by your “Attractor Factor” Amazon “number one quest”, so I bought my mother a copy of your book and had it wrapped and sent to her.  She loved it.

I like my evolution on the “Hurry Up” so, for me the software your friends produced was a great tool.  I put a BIG BIG BIG  list of desires out there to the universe.

I thought I’d share with you how I got my new motorbike.

I live in Bali, Indonesia and I rent a motorbike to travel around on.  The one that I have been renting was a couple of years old and begining to rattle and hum, so I started to think about getting a new one.

Then about two weeks ago I “made the decision” to get a new one, although I  wasnt sure how I was going to do this.

I was riding through the area where the shop is I rent the bike from and I had the intuition to drop in.  I talked to the owner and said I wanted to change my bike for something newer and could I test drive a couple of  different ones.

Off I went, roaring up and down the street on motorbikes.  Great fun 🙂

Having tested a few models, I decided I liked the one that I had been renting and  simply asked the owner if I could have a new one.

To my surprise he straight away said yes he would get me a brand new bike, if I would agree to a one year contract.  I counter offered with a six month contract and he agreed.

To be perfectly honest I was really quite surprised, as he didnt ask me for the six months money up front or an increase in the rental payments.

If you think about it, all I did was make a decison and ask.  And “Alakazam!” new bike for Carl and it didn’t cost me one cent more than I was already paying.  ( Moral of this little story is you don’t need to know where it’s going to come from, you just got to be absolutely clear that you want it and take action on your intuition)

By the way, my dogs love it to, they both ride the bike with me. I’ll send you a piccy if you like (I dont let them out on their own yet as they are still a bit young!)

In the attractor factor software and in my affirmations I have asked for and affirmed “First Class” travel.  ( a new motor bike is first class travel in Bali, unless you like sitting in traffic jams in a car)

What I also did was to get out on the table and let go of a bunch of things I didn’t want.  That is something different that I have done.  I also let go of a bunch of resentments that had been lurking in the back ground.  More freedom? Why not!

Also my previous knowledge was to only focus on what you want.  What I found was that I came up with a better and clearer list of  what I wanted by looking at what I didnt want.

and here’s what else happened…

Last weekend , I did what we call a “visa run” to Malasia to renew my visa.  I booked my air ticket and then started looking at hotels.

Well, funily enough, the lesser star hotels no longer appealed to me and I ended up booking my self into the executive club floors of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kualar Lumpur (5 Star+++).  I looked at all of the 5 star hotels before deciding on the Mandarin.

Then I looked at a standard room, and then a luxury room, and then a standard club exec room and then a super delux club exec room with a view onto the Petronius Twin Towers.

I ended up staying in an incredible room, with the best view on the top floor of the hotel.

I also felt compelled to order a chauffeur driven Mercedes to pick me up from the airport ( Luv it!)  It was a pristine E-Class Mercedes and it felt sooooo good! Pile on the luxury!

Stranger still….or maybe not…

When I was in the hotel, I found myself compelled to order the best Mercedes they had at the hotel to take me back to the airport.  So on my return journey I  was chauffeur driven in a brand new S-class Mercedes. Now that was something else!  ( Bently are next 🙂 )

I  am consistently working upon myself Joe, but there have been significant changes in the last couple of weeks, something has shifted.  From now on it’s first class travel for me all the way.

Im off to Brazil for a workshop week after next and I already booked a economy flight, but today I started making enquiries about business class.  I know I’ll fly business class.

I didnt actually listen in on your calls as the time zones are pretty different, but I will listen to the audios when they come out.  If you would like to use this story please feel free to.

I have attached a picture of me and my S-class Merc.  If you like I’ll get a photo of me and my two dogs on the motorbike for you.

Wishing you all the SUCCESS you can IMAGINE Joe!!!

The consciousness of the planet is shifting… I can feel it. ( not to mention my own 🙂 )

Carl Bradbrook
The Abundance Consultant


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Attract A New Car – CB – Dr. Joe Vitale – Mr. Fire is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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