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Attention: Any Man Concerned With The Rise Of Violent Encounters In Singapore — and Who Wants To Protect Himself and His Family From Those Who Intend Harm — Must Master The 17 Viciously Effective Special Forces Combatives Moves Now Revealed For The First Time On This Page

But after two towering men were unconscious on the ground, nobody was laughing anymore.

In fact, this angry mob turned into a dispersed crowd of panicked individuals running in different directions.

Yet the man who put these two criminals on the ground, had never been in a fight once in his life.

So how did Steve (a normal blue collar guy who hadn’t worked out in years) lay out these two aggressive guys twice his size and disperse a mob of people that were starting to surround him?

Steve quickly read the situation, which we’ll look at more closely in a minute.

He recognized all the patterns that were playing out in front of him.

And because he understood the situation, he had the confidence to trust his own instinctive reaction to subdue his aggressors.

And get this… he learned in less than an hour how to unleash his genetically hardwired ability to dish out devastating force — without any formal martial arts training.

In fact, he used a collection of techniques that the US Military train every soldier in.1

I’ll tell you all about those techniques and exactly how Steve used them in just a minute, but please, you need to understand this…

In 2020, the chance of a “fair fight” occurring is very unlikely.

It’s not like back in the day when you’d go to the parking lot and settle the argument like men.

Violent encounters due to the chaos and civil unrest happening today, have shown us “fair” doesn’t exist anymore.

The mob of people who want to cause nothing but trouble don’t care about honor and respect as men, in fact, they don’t care about much at all aside from causing mayhem.

And with talks of reducing the funding for officers of the law, the idea that all you need to do is wait and the good guys will show up to save the day is completely out the door.

And I know that’s frustrating, I’m right there with you, but what you need to understand is you don’t have a choice.

That responsibility is on you now, no one else, and it’s irresponsible as an American to stick your head in the sand.

You need to know how to defend yourself against the unknown of chaos in order to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

So I’m going to show you in this letter how even someone like Steve, who looked like an easy target, was able to make it home safely that night without anyone laying a finger on him or his wife.

I began my career as a Special Operator in the Canadian Special Service Force.2

And until recently, I served as the leader of one of the most prestigious SWAT Teams in the world.

Together with Personal Protection expert and long-time martial arts teacher Ari Kay, we’re on a mission to help men around the world regain the confidence that comes from KNOWING you can take care of business when a threat emerges.

And I want to show you exactly how to unlock that warrior instinct that’s within every single one of us men…

Now, let me explain to you the biggest misconception that I hear from a lot of men.

You see, most guys think that as long as they stay out of harm’s way, trouble won’t find them, but that’s oftentimes not the case.

Think about this… What is it worth to have confidence knowing you can keep your family safe if chaos erupts?

If you asked me that question, I’d say it’s priceless.

Listen, Steve’s story could have turned out much different.

Here’s what happened…

After a nice dinner for their date night, Steve and his wife are walking back to their car.

In the parking lot, a mob of people in masks are destroying cars and everything they see in sight as a form of protest.

Steve didn’t know that the night he decided to take his wife out would be the night that a major controversial event occured in his city causing people to take to the streets to protest.

And on the way to his car, two tough looking guys shout to the group telling them to walk towards Steve and his wife.

This is where Steve let his instincts kick in. However…

What would most people do in this situation?

Keep their eyes down and just hope they go away? The whole time putting their family’s safety in jeopardy while burying their head in the sand?

Take their wife’s hand and try to get out of there — hoping the thugs don’t follow?

Or stand up to these towering aggressors even though they don’t have a clue how to stop them if push comes to shove?

Those are the only choices unless you’ve spent some time unlocking the instincts deep inside you that are there to keep you alive and keep your loved ones safe…

And PLEASE do not make the same mistake most men make…

They believe that because they live in a nice part of town…

Or since they stay out of harm’s way, nothing bad will ever happen to them or those that are close to them.

The sad reality is, no matter how nice of a neighborhood that you stay in, this can happen to anyone.

The real question anyone needs to ask is, what’s the price of hiding from the truth and sticking your head in the sand?

And if violence comes, not knowing what to do and freezing up isn’t something you want to experience.

I’d pay anything to never have to experience that situation.

And I’m very happy that Steve didn’t experience it.

Let’s take a look at how Steve got out of there alive with his wife unharmed…

First, he recognized the early signs that these guys were trouble and started to listen to his instincts.

As soon as these guys started walking towards Steve, he adopted a dominating stance, looked them in the eyes, and told them to back off…

Now, they weren’t visibly intimidated by any means by this scrawny guy in his fancy clothes.

In fact they laughed at him. But on some level they were thrown off by his unexpected behavior.

However Steve could see they were still intent on doing something to him and his wife. He didn’t know if they intended actual violence or not. And he didn’t care…

He didn’t give the situation a chance to unfold and turn him and his wife into another statistic. The moment the first guy went hands on Steve’s instincts to make the First Strike took over…

Steve threw a devastating blow using what I like to call “The Most Lethal Bone In Your Body”… one down…

The other thug was in complete shock.

I mean c’mon… this little guy actually fighting back?

And before the other guy could even react Steve overwhelmed him striking one of the 3 critical targets and swept him… two down…

At that moment, Steve saw the mob turn around and disperse to get away after seeing their partners in crime barely conscious on the floor.

Following his next instinct — he instantly whirled around, grabbed his wife by the hand and got her out of there before she could even register ANY of this…

Only after making sure his wife was safely away did he pull out his cell phone and call the cops.

After all, he knew the cops can only show up after the dust has already settled…

On that night, Steve was prepared.

And he didn’t get ready by training all of the different styles of combat at a gym or self defense school for countless hours.

Nope, and that’s because Steve understood this one fact…

Yes, that’s right, fighting styles like Jiu Jitsu or Kickboxing are relatively useless in a real street fight or chaotic event.

The martial arts that you see professional fighters using can do you more harm than good.

These forms of martial arts are designed for competition, and while they may be somewhat useful…

They are practiced implying that there are rules, like a competition.

Remember, thugs and criminals don’t follow rules.

I’ve seen way too many guys at my Jiu Jitsu gym with black eyes and bruised faces tell horror stories about the techniques that they spent months learning didn’t work out for them.

Every time I tell them that techniques you’re learning are designed for a competition, not a bar on the outskirts of town.

It got to a point where I realized someone had to do something to show men just how simple it is to stop a fight.

I’m going to reveal how anybody can quickly master a handful of moves in under one hour that’ll ensure safety in almost all situations.

That’s right, 60 minutes is all you need to know exactly what to do to defend yourself against a dangerous situation.

I used to think that I had to become a black belt in 3 different types of martial arts to be able to defend myself.

But after witnessing and being a part of over 200+ REAL street fights, I know that it’s just not the case.

The amount of craziness you see as a bouncer in a bar, and then operating in a special forces branch of the government truly is crazy.

So I can tell you first hand, those martial arts I listed earlier are not what you need.

Now please understand, what I’m about to reveal goes against the grain of what every instructor of martial arts is going to say.

And I can’t blame them, they want people to sign up for their classes so they can pay their bills.

But really, it’s true, everything you need to know to defend yourself can be distilled down to 1 hour…

What’s amazing about this system is that it really doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can implement these simple moves in any situation to defend themselves.

This system can work for people who think they’re too old or young, large or thin, tall or short.

In fact, just knowing what I’m about to show you may keep a majority of the bad guys away.

You see, criminals tend to prey on signs of weakness.3

And when you know that you can defend yourself in any situation, it’s likely that a surge of confidence will come rushing into your life.

That confidence alone can help keep you out of a lot of trouble, because confidence is a sign that you’re open to the world and ready to take it on.

Criminals don’t really like messing with confident people.

Now I know that you may be a bit skeptical about this…

Surely you would’ve heard about this system by now, I mean why is it not being talked about everywhere?

Well honestly, I don’t know why everyone isn’t talking about it.

My guess is that because the UFC and Boxing have become so popular recently, everyone is going nuts over the different styles which are being used.

However, what I do know is that the US Military uses this exact system that I’m about to show you4 to get their troops ready for hand to hand combat in just a few weeks.

Now, as I’ve alluded to before, this system won’t take you weeks to soak up this information, or even a single day.

All it takes is 1 hour, because like so many men, you’re probably not preparing to become some new star MMA fighter…

You’re more than likely not preparing for a life of combat and war like our troops in the military are…

I’d be willing to take a guess and say that you’re just preparing for the chance that someone decides to mess with you.

You don’t need to go and master this system, all you need to do is understand it, and know when to use it, and that’s it.

I don’t recommend starting fights, and I don’t recommend getting into fights.

But sometimes it’s the other party that’s taking it too far and you need to put a stop to it immediately.

The best way to end fights is with a devastating blow so the fight doesn’t even happen.

The second you realize that the other person is a threat, your goal should be to get out of there as fast as possible.

Yes, that’s right, your goal should be to run, just like Steve did after he assessed the remaining threats.

Many people believe that they need to stay there and fight, to defend their courage as a man.

This is nothing but the ego talking, and take it from me, someone who’s had his fair share of real combat…

Thinking that way is completely foolish.

Sun Tzu in The Art Of War said it best, “If equally matched, we can offer battle; if slightly inferior in numbers, we can avoid the enemy; if quite unequal in every way, we flee from him.”

Chances are, you’ll have no idea about your opponent’s strengths.

What if they have a weapon that you don’t know about?

What if your opponent has 12 friends outside?

And the second they find out their brother is in a fight, they come rushing in to help him out.

Being a “tough guy” doesn’t help you in situations like that.

But being smart certainly will.

All you need is to know what your first strike is going to be, you make the move, and then you leave.

Because a real fight usually only lasts around 30 seconds, and can be as quick as 5 seconds.

What you need to do is attack the attacker, so you can buy yourself time to book it for the door.

You don’t need to carry around any weapons, and I’ll elaborate on that more here in a bit.

But just know that there’s so much legal repercussion that can come from just firing your weapon, let alone hurting someone with it.5

And trust me, you don’t want to deal with that.

Your knees, shins, elbows, forearms, and fists are all very powerful and strong.

All it takes is one strike to knock someone out, and allow you to get to safety.

The only way to do that is to give you the optimal techniques that have been passed down and refined through generations of trial and error.

In fact, discovering these techniques was originally a large problem for the US Military6…

World War Two has erupted.

You’ve got hundreds of thousands of troops that range anywhere between the ages of 18 and 40.

And you need to make sure that within a month, they’re ready to go for combat.

Kind of a difficult task, but the US never fails to shock the world and show us all how it’s done.

US military officers condensed the most practical techniques based on natural human instincts, and field-tested the result in over 2000 documented encounters.7

This real-world fighting style that still to this day is being taught has become known as Army Combatives and has continued to evolve since WW2.

After only weeks of training, this new combatives method produced the highest number of documented kills out of any system ever seen.8

Yet these Special Operators did not train for years to develop these skills.

In fact, few had trained in any form of formal martial arts.

Like I said before, most of these guys were very young, and a majority were either pencil thin or skinny-fat average joe’s who were drafted into the military.

But after just a few weeks of constantly drilling these techniques, these men became lethal weapons armed with nothing but their bare hands.

This is because rather than going against the way your instincts are ingrained in your reactions and try to rewire your brain like so many martial arts do…

Combatives focuses on using those instinctive reactions to your benefit.

Which is exactly why we want to make sure you know these techniques taught in Army Combatives.

Because besides the fact that these combatives are one of the simplest and most effective forms of combat that anyone can soak up in 60 minutes…

After teaching this system for many years, I’ve noticed one thing that stays consistent across all men.

After learning this system, men carry themselves more confidently.

And it’s really no surprise, when you know that no matter what situation arises you can hold your weight and defend yourself and your loved ones…

It brings a surge of confidence and masculine energy, something that I think no man can have too much of…

Regardless of what today’s world thinks, we need more masculine men.

And my hope is that not only will this system give you the skills necessary to put someone twice your size on the floor if they try to attack you…

But it will also bring a rush of pure alpha confidence into your life.

Building on the tradition of these combatives methods, Ari and I have boiled our combatives approach down to 17 moves that are all you’ll ever need to know in order to keep yourself safe.

We’ve combined my Special Forces background with Ari’s decades of applying his martial arts experience to the real world demands of personal protection and security work.

The result is an easy-to-learn system of powerful and devastating fight techniques.

There really isn’t anything out there like this program, mainly because the experience that Ari and I have had in real world scenarios is quite unique.

In this program you’ll get access to 17 videos showing the 17 different techniques.

Each of these combatives moves is clearly delivered in 3 minutes or less.

They’re easy-to-understand videos that you can watch anywhere, even on your phone.

And as I’ve already revealed earlier, these moves include…

Remember, you’ll absorb these moves in just one hour of watching.

Now obviously, the more you watch them, the better you’ll understand when and how to use them.

This is so much more convenient than training for years with martial arts.

Now look, I understand there’s certainly a lot of solutions for self defense.

For starters, you could just conceal carry a firearm, but do you really want to have to deal with the legalities that come with having to use it?

Regardless of if you were right in your use of force, you never know, the court could not side with you and you end up in trouble.

Plus, you’re not able to bring a firearm everywhere you go.

Even if you end up using it to defend yourself in a restricted location such as a bar (regardless of if you were right or not) you’re probably getting arrested that night.

The other alternative is to carry an edged or blunt weapon with you.

But the severity of legal troubles that can happen if you were to REALLY hurt someone are again not worth it.

So it’s best to avoid that route as well.

Now sure, you could use something like a taser or mace, but what happens if there’s multiple people coming at you?

What about if it’s a crazy person hyped up on who knows what?

Trying to subdue someone on a substance is damn near impossible.

Believe me, I’ve had to do that, and it was not fun.

We see it all the time on the news, a cop will try to taze or mace a criminal and it does nothing but add fuel to the fire.

So something like mace or a taser could be your saving grace, but I’ve got a dozen situations where it can actually do you more harm than good.

The other solution is to learn a martial art, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Aikido, Karate, or Tae-Kwon-Do.

While I think these are all great arts to go into for personal development and to get tougher, I think they all fall outside of what’s necessary for self defense.

Like I’ve said, these martial arts are designed to have rules, and there are no rules in the real world.

I’ve seen guys who are black belts get their butt kicked from a guy who knew nothing about martial arts or fighting, all because he just used pure brute force to dominate.

And that’s the real nature of violence.

It’s not going to be like a boxing match where you just stand there and exchange blows like the movie Rocky.

A much more accurate depiction is exchanging a blow or two and the fight ends up on the ground.

Afterwards someone’s friends gang up on the opposing party and have at it.

A street fight is very violent and it happens very quickly.

You won’t have time to get into your ready stance that your sensei taught you in class the other week.

Again, this is why we created a program that works with your instincts, so the second that trouble comes your way you’re able to react and know exactly what to do.

When I say that this program really does have some of the best information out there, I genuinely mean it.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what men just like you are saying about what they learned…

I was travelling home from Vancouver with my daughter and her friend on BC Ferries. There were 2 young men in a verbal exchange of a heated manner. The aggressor was using VERY salty language in an area that was a designated children’s area. So I got up and asked them to move on. The aggressor looks at me, “tough guy, eh”!? I escorted him out of the area and he “promised” me that I was next. I ignored him as for the next hour as he circled the boat staring down his original victim. I had to go to the bathroom before I disembarked. As I was exiting the bathroom, there stood the 2 combatants from earlier. The aggressor turns to me and says “hey tough guy”!!! I told him that I just wanted to take my kids and go home. He said sure, then pushed my face… I grabbed his hood, pulled it across his face and smacked his head into the wall. He threw 2 wild punches which were easily dodged. I then grabbed his arm across my chest, trapped, turned and threw. I landed on him with punches coming up to me. I pushed his arm to the side, slid off to apply a head and arm choke. When I felt him almost go out, I stopped, grabbed the arm, rolled him to his belly and placed him in a pin. Security on the boat grabbed some tie straps and we made a pair of cuffs. He was turned over to the staff, police were called, and my job done. Thanks Ari!

George Lopez, Vancouver BC

One day on the job I found myself in a close quarters wrestling match over a pistol with a robber at a pharmacy I interrupted. The principles of First Strike, how to control a body and isolate limbs allowed me to end this conflict quickly without having to take this guy’s life, losing mine or endangering the store full of bystanders in the backdrop if I would have used my firearm.

I was coming out of a local grocery store and heading back to my car. It was about 8pm, dark and cold out. All I wanted was to get home. I walked down the stairwell to the first floor and came upon two guys going through a bag at the bottom of the stairs. All I saw was cosmetics and papers on the ground which I assumed to be a women’s purse. I also noticed a long metal rod near one of the thieves.

I rounded the corner and stopped maybe 6 steps above them. One of the guys looked up and said “fuck you… get lost.” His buddy picked up the rod and moved forward, maybe 2 steps up from the landing. He spat and said “get out of here or….” I just reacted and kicked him in the face from 4 steps up. I wasn’t going to wait for him to close the gap or finish his sentence. I had no idea what he was going to do with the rod and I wasn’t going to take the chance. I kicked the guy hard enough that he flew back, crashing his head against the door at the bottom. The second guy just ran. And the first guy was, well, knocked out. I ran up the stairs to the first floor and called the cops.

I recently got a real life lesson in road rage when a guy slid into my car at a stop sign. I got out of the car to see the damage and figured that it was the slick roads that made the other driver hit me. But since the bump was significant, I still needed to see if there was any damage. I had no idea the other driver would lose his shit. I get out of the car and the other guy starts yelling at me saying that I stopped too quickly. I pointed out the large stop sign and that he was following too close. I also noticed he reeked of booze. I was taken aback by his aggressive behaviour and as we investigated the ‘damage’, he swore and just grabbed me in this head lock. I couldn’t believe I was in a fight over a fender bender. I didn’t expect it (who does) and remember thinking “this can’t be real’. I reached up, placed pressure on his face with one hand and lifted his leg with the other. I had him off the ground and then crashed him the to concrete. He immediately let go and stopped fighting as the impact had rattled him. Before I know it, the police were there as they were at the opposite intersection and someone waved them down. I explained my situation and had witnesses to back me up.

And it really does bring me a lot of fulfillment knowing that what I’ve put together with Ari has seriously helped these men.

My mission in life is to help bring that warrior instinct back to the men who’ve been robbed of it due to society feminizing everything.

In fact today, because I want you to join the other confident and fearless Americans who have now taken control of their instinctive role as a confident protector — I’ve got a very special offer for you…

This small price is next to nothing to ensure that you’ve got the confidence necessary to defend yourself in all situations.

You could go to a martial arts studio, and pay hundreds of dollars a month to learn the information that I’ve explained could do you more harm than good.

Or… you could just completely ignore the dangers of life, tuck your tail between your legs, and hope nothing best happens.

(Probably your worst bet if I’m being honest…)

But both of these solutions aren’t going to do much for you when *you know what* hits the fan.

But today not only do I want to save you time by steering you away from the long and hard path of learning martial arts, but I want to save you money too.

That’s less than a meal for two at a restaurant, but the difference is that the information inside can change your life.

Just use the button below to guarantee your access.

Yes Todd, I Want To Secure First Strike & All The Free Bonuses Before It’s Too Late

Yes Todd, I Want To Secure First Strike & All The Free Bonuses Before It’s Too Late

After you click that button, you’ll be taken to our secure order form.

Once you fill it out and everything clears, you’re good to go, your access to the videos will be sent to your email inbox within minutes.

But I really wanted to make sure that we’re bringing a tremendous amount of value to the table.

And that’s exactly why we’ve included these exclusive bonuses…

Have you ever noticed that certain men — no matter how small or big — have a certain energy that comes with them wherever they go?

It’s like the second they walk into the room, everyone recognizes that person has arrived.

And have you ever wondered what it feels like to be that guy? The one who commands respect without even saying a word?

Do you know what’s different about guys like that? It’s simple…

I’ve seen 5’5” guys cause 6 foot thugs to turn around and walk away with nothing but a look.

I know it sounds woo-woo or mystical…

But there’s a certain energy that projects from guys that have self confidence.

Believe me when I tell you that the root of true, deep, and profound confidence for every man is the understanding that they can defend themselves in any situation.

Look: real men aren’t looking for violence… but when it comes knocking they are willing and able to make the First Strike.

The sickly predators of the world sense that and back away.

Just knowing you can take care of business can inflate you with a supernatural feeling of confidence and power.

However there are certain tricks you can use instantly to magnify your aura of Alpha Dog confidence even more!

Once you master these simple tricks — everyone around you will sense it.

Which is why I created a simple manual called Command Presence so you can quickly master the art of silent domination. And…

But let me make this deal even better for you…

Yes, I want to GIVE you another free bonus…

Too many guys walk through life like blind sheep — completely trusting that decency and the rules of society will protect them…

Listen, that’s just naive. And it’s DANGEROUS to you and your loved ones…

You don’t have to be paranoid or become a conspiracy theorist.

In fact as a Special Forces operator and then SWAT Leader, if I let that happen I probably would have gone crazy…

Your survival depends on creating a balance between vigilance and still experiencing and enjoying your life and activities…

Which is why Ari and I used our collective experience to create the Advanced Situational Awareness manual.

These simple observation, scanning, and monitoring techniques in the Advanced Situational Awareness guide are exactly what will help make sure you know a threat is coming before they even make their first move.

Every skill in this easy-to-understand book will quickly become second nature so you can stay out of harm’s way without even thinking about it!…

Now when I showed Ari everything I had put together for this exclusive offer, he told me we need to give more.

Which is exactly what we did.

So ontop of both of those free training manuals…

We’ve got one more special bonus for you.

When I was in the military, and then SWAT, there’s one thing above all others that pushed me to be the best I could be.

It was the team of guys at my back.

It’s a proven fact that support, follow up and accountability are the #1 secret to success in anything.

Which is why I was inspired to create a one-of-a-kind community of motivated men called Alpha Nation.

And I want to get you into this group of Alpha’s for free so you can see the power for yourself.

That’s right, I’m giving you FREE access for the next 30 days to help you get a head start on mastering the First Strike skills.

That’s not all though… you’ll also find hundreds of other videos and articles covering every aspect of being a well rounded, respected and highly regarded man and leader.

You’ll discover everything from how to survive an urban disaster to how to trim your beard and everything in between — including priceless information on how every man can easily get and stay in top physical shape.

Remember, this is only free for a very limited time because I’m only able to take on a limited number of men in this exclusive coaching community.

Listen, Ari and I have been at this for a while. We’ve seen all kinds of guys quickly master the system. They come in every shape and size. And they all come to us with all kinds of excuses in their heads as to why it won’t work for them. And…

It’s the best feeling in the world to see how quickly their excuses disappear once they see how simple and natural the First Strike system is, and how easy it is to master…

So rest assured, this is guaranteed to work for you even if…

Now, I’m positive you’re really going to enjoy this material and you’ll find so much value in everything we show you in these videos.

But I really want to make sure you’re confident with your purchase, which is exactly why we’re taking on all of the risk.

I’m going to give you an entire 60 days to evaluate the First Strike system for yourself.

If at ANY time in the next 60 days you decide the system is not for you, just let me know and I’ll make sure you get a full refund the very same day!

So go ahead and see for yourself without any risk.

Just make sure you act today so you secure the current low price and get all the extra manuals and free membership that we’re giving to you absolutely free for a very limited time…

Yes Todd, I Want To Secure First Strike & All The Free Bonuses Before It’s Too Late

Yes Todd, I Want To Secure First Strike & All The Free Bonuses Before It’s Too Late

Robert Frost said it in one of his most famous poems…

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

I want to tell you today that there are two roads in front of you right now.

Either you ignore the problem at hand, and leave it up to chance that you never have to face a dangerous situation.

Or you face the problem head on, and make sure you’re prepared for whatever this crazy world throws your way.

The path of making sure you’re prepared, is the road less traveled.

It’s so easy to be soft and comfortable in today’s society…

It takes a real man to do what he needs to do, and go the path that many other can’t because they’re too naive.

Now look, there’s a pretty high chance that this path of investing in our program and materials so you can know how to defend yourself could be closing up very soon.

I’m not sure how long I can maintain this limited time offer and all your free bonuses.

You see, First Strike is becoming so popular that we’re being forced to expand the business so we can accommodate the demand.

Which means we won’t be able to continue offering the system at such a low price and giving away so many of our manuals for free.

So If I were you, I’d take action today and unlock that primal warrior instinct that’s within us all.

Yes Todd, I Want To Secure First Strike & All The Free Bonuses Before It’s Too Late

Yes Todd, I Want To Secure First Strike & All The Free Bonuses Before It’s Too Late

Stand Apart,
Todd Lamb

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